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    ESPN Season's

    The ESPN Campus' new corporate cafeteria Season's... Featuring four points of service, seating for 1,200 employees and a jaw dropping sports bar. Kitchen / Serving - 8,000 sq.ft. Equipment Cost - $1.6 Million

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    Salem State University's Marsh Hall

    Salem State's newest residence building... Marsh Hall comes complete with a brand new full service dining facility. Designed with a “Scatter-type” serving system allowing customers flow through the servery as quickly as possible. The design features several points of service including grill, deli...

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    Verrill Farm

    To accommodate the preparation of specialty foods and meals, the “back house” areas are larger than the retail. These production areas include a commercial kitchen, built-in freezers and coolers, storage for dry goods and catering supplies. Kitchen / Storage - 4,000 sq.ft.