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    The Residential building "Malachite" with built-in rooms and a parking garage

    The “Malachite” building on Morskoy avenue is a part of the residential complex “Kristally Krestovskogo”. It is a uniform architectural ensemble which is situated in a picturesque area of the Krestovsky island. This project is a successful attempt to combine modern architectural forms and surroundin...

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    The concept of the residential district building

    The orthogonal lattice which was received in the process of the analysis of the historical center of Samara is the basis for planning regional structure. The silhouette of the building raises from the central part to site borders. It helps to a spatial connection with higher buildings of surrounding...

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    Residential building on Graftio Street, St. Petersburg

    The two-section building of U-shaped form is located on the platform of the semi-buried closed parking. The main accents of facades are the glazed surfaces of overhanging parts of the building and the cascade of terraces. On the ground floor there are blocks of office rooms, the residential accomm...