We are a group of passionate designers driven and devoted to innovative design. We create and deliver the art of Architecture with high value to the highest standards.

PH Alpha Design which was founded in May 2013 is an international design practice with offices in Hong Kong, London and Shenzhen.

Supported by a number of outstanding passionate designers, architects and expertise from Europe, Hong Kong and Mainland China, PH Alpha Design offers world-class services in architecture, masterplanning and urban design, and interior design . While our prime focus and key design skills are in commercial and cultural projects we provide professional design services for all sectors, including: retail, mixed use, hotel, hospitality, residential, leisure, urban regeneration and education.

We are committed to achieving design solutions that are pre-eminent, innovative, state of the art, sustainable, practical and efficient. Pursuit of these tenets has established our reputation which is based on technical reliability and a drive to create unique design solutions. With first class technical resources, advanced computer skills and comprehensive experience, PH Alpha Design has gained an international reputation for the successful integration of architectural design for varying scales and categories in commercial developments.



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