We are a multi-disciplinary design agency, who doesn't believe in defining the boundaries to our work. We simply create innovative design solutions by uniting the best practices across different design disciplines.

From the intangible to the tangible. From the very small to the very big. Retail, interior, branding, architecture, masterplanning, landscaping, marketing communication, PR event, exhibition; jobs we've been hired to do but the end solutions are much less defined and more effective.

Behind every design brief is a business challenge. We investigate into the very nature of the challenge, analyze the competitive landscape and best-in-class precedents, before disrupting the norm with innovative solutions across all touchpoints.

Well designed buildings not only looks better, wastes less resource, improve functionality, giving more returns to investment in the long run. Meaningful brand communication connects with people on an emotional level, driving purchase and loyalty. Aesthetic objects, big or small, make us use them more frequently, use them for longer.

Green. Sustainable. Ergonomic. Meaningful. Human Centric



Locations and Contacts

Firm Listing Created by: UDP

39 East 3rd Ring Middle Road Room 2906


Tang Junhao







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