Ned Cramer's Dialogue

  • There Should Be No Denying the Case for Climate Change

    With extreme weather becoming more and more common, the case for climate change is indisputable. Architects stand on the front line in the war against climate change and extreme weather.

  • Repositioning the AIA: Hope & Change

    The American Institute of Architects is engaging its members and the public in an important conversation about the future.

  • Hail and Farewell to Architect Robert Venturi, on the Occasion of his Retirement.

    In light of Venturi stepping down at his eponymous firm, ARCHITECT editor-in-chief Ned Cramer discusses the importance of Venturi and Denise Scott Brown's work to both the professional and himself.

  • Cahokia and American Exceptionalism

    America is a great nation, but is it wise enough to learn from history and curb its own hubris?

  • Is Brutalism Not Old Enough?

    Could a building—or a whole style—prove so reprehensible, so repulsive, that it can never gain a fair place in the hearts and minds of men?

  • The Scapegoat at the GSA

    The tales of GSA conference excess simply don’t jibe with Robert Peck’s reputation, and they run counter to my own experiences with the agency itself.

  • Dialogue: Walk at Your Own Risk

    Missing from the discussion of the shooting of Trayvon Martin is a potentially contributing factor: urban planning and its role in the polarization of American society.

  • Dialogue: Spike Eisenhower

    The memorial’s design bring the culture wars are at architecture's doorstep.

  • My Generation

    Gen-Xers are stuck between two far-larger and more socially and professionally dominant groups.

  • Happy Place

    Firms will find themselves under increasing pressure to loosen the constraints of the typical workday. This shift won’t be easy, but it will be necessary.



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