Ned Cramer's Dialogue

  • Miracle on the Potomac

    The National Park Service announced the short lists for firms competing to redesign portions of the National Mall.

  • Equity & Income

    Judging from the AIA's 2011 Compensation Report, firm leaders have been making the sacrifice necessary to their future.

  • Sea Change Confessional

    I remember when I awoke to the need for humanitarian architecture.

  • Goose Bumps and Ballyhoo

    When the news seems hopeless, I focus my mind and find solace in the recollection of great design.

  • Get to Work

    Vital infrastructure improvement is a surefire way to get more Americans on the payrolls and invest in the future.

  • A New Morality

    Climate change is changing the world, and part of being a good citizen will be how each of us reduces our carbon output.

  • Good Times

    Cabrini-Green is now gone, and Chicago embarks on a new public-private era of public housing.

  • Big-Box Paradox

    Is Walmart, the world’s largest corporation, going green, or is it just greenwashing?

  • Astroturf, Anyone?

    The National Mall may need fixing, but why is that an excuse to prohibit the Solar Decathlon from being held there?

  • What Is More?

    Architecture is both an art and a science. Beauty may transcend explanation, but good design is a matter of evidence.



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