Ned Cramer's Dialogue

  • Our ROI World

    It is up to individual architects to stress that design is important to the bottom line, and that it's not merely a luxury.

  • Chimpanzees on LSD

    The recent Amendment 4 on the ballot in Florida highlights the problems faced when trying to reform the development process.

  • Build This!

    Chicago's Ward 49 institutes participatory budgeting for the district's capital improvements.

  • I Heart St. Louis

    In each of the five proposals to redesign St. Louis' Gateway Arch grounds, there are compelling ideas that deserve consideration no matter who gets the job.

  • Friends in High Places

    The AIA's next chief executive needs to be a politically savvy leader with the skills, and the mandate, to effect changes that will benefit the profession.

  • Big Spill, Bigger Cleanup

    Architecture might have an opportunity to push sustainability to become a de jure standard.

  • Some Fine Print

    Information and some background about ARCHITECT and Hanley Wood's new media association with the AIA.

  • The New Guy at the NEA

    The appointment of Jason Schupbach as director of design of the NEA was a welcome surprise.

  • Care-Mongering

    Politics may be polarized, but architects are bound by their professional code to serve the less fortunate.

  • Playful Interventions at the Guggenheim

    There were some interesting and fun ideas presented at the "Contemplating the Void" exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum.