Ned Cramer's Dialogue

  • What's the Real Reason for the Fight Over Chelsea Barracks?

    Both supporters of Richard Rogers and supporters of Prince Charles are mistaken in thinking that style is the central issue in the argument over Chelsea Barracks.

  • A Civil Defense

    The results of our climate change survey shows that a surprising number of architects don't believe in global warming.

  • Shameless Plug

    Architect lauches a new website, with project galleries, expert bloggers, free continuing ed courses, new products, and much, much more.

  • The King Is Dead

    Remembering famed architecture photographer Julius Shulman

  • Architecture Priorities Become More Focused on Real Life

    Priorities of the architecture profession catch up to our publication's mission.

  • What's in a Name?

    The debate over who should have the right to call themselves an architect, and what to call unlicensed practitioners.

  • You're Green? Then Show Us the Data

    A LEED rating is a sign that more architects are designing green and more of their clients are paying for the privilege.

  • Public Works

    Thinking of our built environment as one big recycling project

  • No More Surprises

    Profiteers in the home building industry have left the U.S. holding a steaming bag full of unsustainable communities.

  • Seeking the Bottom of the Market

    The economy might not yet be in recovery, but we can hope that it is beginning to near its bottom.



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