Ned Cramer's Dialogue

  • Objection!

    After an Illinois appellate court overturned the city's ordinance, we need to stand up for preservation.

  • Heroes, Not Stars

    The architectural profession's value system is undergoing an epochal shift from celebratory-based to collaborative-based.

  • Time for a Change

    Welcome to the Age of Austerity. The moralizing backlash against the architectural excesses of recent years has already begun.

  • The World is Flat, and a Little Bumpy

    The Western standard of unbridled progress runs counter to China's long cultural history of building on precedent.

  • Prefab is FAB, But Only Half the Battle

    The editor-in-chief explores the implications of prefab housing and design.

  • Pricey Gas is Good for Architecture

    Europeans pay far higher fuel taxes than Americans, and not strictly out of necessity.

  • The Science of Sunshine

    New hospitals exemplify the latest thinking on patient well-being and quality of care as they relate to the physical environment.

  • Eine Kleine Schadenfreude

    Architecture is one of humanity's great forms of cultural expression, but it also fulfills a basic human need: the need for shelter.

  • Netsch is Still an Architect, for Now ...

  • People Who Design Glass Houses …

    Daniel Libeskind sparked a blaze in February, when, during a speech in Belfast, he made the following proclamation: “I won't work for totalitarian regimes. Architects should take a more ethical stance.” So how does the Polish-American architect explain th



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