21. Campito
Denver, Colo. / M12
Campito calls attention to historic and contemporary working conditions of rural immigrant workers in the American West. Denver-based artist collective M12 studied the sheepherder’s wagon, or campito, which still resembles its pioneer predecessor, and developed a new design that incorporates solar energy, composting toilets, and portable gardens. But more than just a redesign of a trailer, Campito is a project to raise awareness about everything related to modern-day sheepherding, including contemporary food production, immigration patterns, and workers’ rights. M12 towed a typical campito through the streets of Denver, passing out posters documenting their research. “By suggesting the sheep wagon be redesigned,” explains M12 co-founder Richard Saxton, “we are admitting that the current living and working conditions of sheepherders are unacceptable.”


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