13. Bench Press
Brooklyn and Queens, N.Y. / BroLab
In recent decades, benches started disappearing from bus stops as a way for cities to discourage homeless or loiterers. BroLab, a collaborative of artists and sculptors, created BenchPress, a modular system of temporary benches for bus stops along major bus routes between Brooklyn and Queens. While the two neighborhoods foster vibrant artistic communities, between them lies a nondescript, alienating landscape with few street amenities. BroLab’s modular benches provided the missing comfort of seating for commuters for one day in October 2011 (as part of events organized by the Congress of Collectives at Flux Factory in Queens). Between 4 a.m. and 9 p.m., they assembled, dissembled, and relocated benches that appeared at each of the route’s 80 stops.

13_Bench Press_BroLab_MECHANICALp(600)

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