Wayne Curtis

Wayne Curtis is a freelance writer and a contributing editor at The Atlantic magazine. He’s also written for The Wall Street Journal, American Scholar, and Preservation. He lives in New Orleans.

Wayne Curtis's Posts

How Mayor Joe Riley Shaped Charleston How Mayor Joe Riley Shaped Charleston

As Riley prepares to leave office, a look back at how he influenced the design of his city, for better and worse. Read more

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GreenbergFarrow, Texas Roadhouse, and Retail Architecture GreenbergFarrow, Texas Roadhouse, and Retail Architecture

How the firm of GreenbergFarrow became the one-stop shop for Texas Roadhouse and countless other restaurant and retail chains across America. Read more

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Rapid Response Rapid Response

Architects with an AIA task force established a model for post-crisis planning efforts. Read more

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Q&A: Sweat the Details Q&A: Sweat the Details

Hot, humid climates require their own sustainable strategies, argues Scott Bernard. Read more

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What to See and Do in New Orleans

ARCHITECT's guide on how to spend your time in the Big Easy when you're not at the AIA convention, from local cuisine to historic architecture. Read more

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