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    Exhibit: 'Loop Value: The How Much Does It Cost? Shop'

    A pop-up shop by the Chicago Architecture Foundation factors in all of the hidden costs that products use throughout their lives. Through 2012.

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    Color Coding

    Who and what decides which colors are in and out?

  • The Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York is a national model for industrial developments that are being renovated to create jobs for city residents and improve the existing facilities' efficiency. The 300-acre industrial cluster includes 45 buildings dating back as far as the Civil War era.

    Industrial Renaissance

    A new model for industrial development focuses on reducing carbon footprints and benefiting the surrounding community.

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    This Minneapolis-based firm is the 2012 AIA Archtitecture Firm of the Year.

  • Jonas Hauptman and Seeyond Architectural Solutions combine parametric design with digital fabrication to create interior products.

    The Future Unfolds

    Dissatisfied with the fabrication options available to him, Jonas Hauptman launched Seeyond.

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    Sustainable Stays

    Today's green hotels meet performance goals without compromising the guest experience.

  • Exhibit: 'City of Mirages'

    Baghdad's once-flourishing architectural landscape is documented for Western eyes at the New York Center for Architecture. Through May 5.

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    Exhibit: 'The Utopian Impulse'

    A new San Francisco exhibit showcases Buckminster Fuller's projects as well as Bay Area projects inspired by him. Through July 29.

  • Exhibit: 'Architecture and Engineering in the Middle East, 2000-Present'

    Two exhibits at New York's Center for Architecture examine the architecture of the Middle East. The first takes a sweeping survey of everything built in the last 12 years. Through June 23.

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    Local Legislation

    Architects are lobbying on behalf of architecture around the country.