Ned Cramer


As a child in the St. Louis suburbs, Ned told his mother he wanted to be the first architect/pope. Twelve years of Catholic school (with daily services in a church designed by Gyo Obata and Pier Luigi Nervi) persuaded him that he didn’t have what it takes to be Supreme Pontiff. Five years of architecture school at Rice confirmed both his love of architecture and inability to focus at the drafting table. Now Ned divides his time between an ADHD-friendly career in design media and remodeling his Victorian townhouse with his partner and their four-year-old Shiba Inu, Mortimer, who is not good with power tools.


Ned Cramer's Dialogue

Object Lessons

  • House by Robert Adam (and Some Sheep) for Sale

    The first project that Neoclassicist Robert Adam built following his Grand Tour, Letterfourie is located on 300 acres near the town of...
  • They Used to Call It Fretwork

    The CAD-CAM/CNC phenomenon has led to an entirely revolutionary, appropriately technological way of incorporating decoration into modern...
  • Creepy Genius

    The design world lost one of its great, idiosyncratic talents in January, with the death of Japanese costume designer Eiko Ishioka. Her...
  • Slim-Hipped Ocean Liners

    The Titanic may be the most famous ocean liner of all time, but naval architecture reached its high point about 15 years later with the...
  • Dagobert Peche's Small Giltwood Mirror

    Few design exhibitions have opened my eyes more widely than the Neue Galerie?s 2002 show ?Dagobert Peche and the Wiener Werkst?tte.? And no...


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