The AIA announced the five winners of its 2013 Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) Design Awards, which are featured in ARCHITECT's Project Gallery. The CAE selected these five projects based on their demonstrations of form and functionality as well as their community-driven designs. This year, the jury awarded projects that featured natural lighting and connections to their respective environments. The jury included Steven M. Shiver, AIA (jury chair), of NAC Architecture; John R. Dale, FAIA, of Harley Ellis Devereaux; Linda Nelson Keane, AIA; Victor Sidy, AIA, of the Taliesin School of Architecture; and Kenneth Tanner, of the University of Georgia.

To view details and images of each of the winning projects, visit ARCHITECT’s Project Gallery. The winning projects—along with jury commentsare listed below. 

For Cranbrook Kingswood Girls’ Middle School: "Cranbrook Kingswood Girls' Middle School is beautifully detailed, appropriately contextual in a place where expectations are very high, modest in scale, yet intimate."

For CSU Northridge Student Recreation Center: "Strong transparency and interconnections between spaces inside the building are appealing, inviting and conducive to exercising."

CSU Northridge Student Recreation Center.
Cristian Costea CSU Northridge Student Recreation Center.

For the Jobie L. Martin Classroom Building: "This simple and honest building with strong forms and an elegant façade shows that a few simple gestures can render a sense of identity to an otherwise nondescript campus."

For the Mesa Community College Health Wellness Building: "This project sets a high standard for reuse and repurposing of an existing building and demonstrates how constraints can benefit and strengthen a project."

For Sandy High School: "Single loaded corridors were used to great effect by allowing natural light into both sides of learning spaces. The usable space per student and color combinations contribute to and promote student development."

 Sandy High School.
Credit: Josh Partee

Sandy High School.

To view details and images of each of the winning projects, visit ARCHITECT’s Project Gallery.