James Ewing

When designing a new boat pavilion for Long Dock Park, a 15-acre site on the Hudson River, ARO succeeded in creating a storm-resistant structure (it survived Hurricane Sandy) that is also light on the landscape. Sixty-five solar panels on the corrugated steel roof help offset electrical use from a nearby education center. Secure storage for up to 64 kayaks or canoes, a changing room, and a secondary storage area are enclosed by aluminum-bar grating panels. With its simple wooden deck, the structure reads as elegant, and doesn’t interrupt the scenic views of the river and Highlands.

Jury: “This remarkable kayak pavilion … celebrates simplicity, craft, resilience, and advanced resource-efficiency.”

Client: “The architects understood our desire for a structure that would be resilient under high-water conditions: The water simply flows through it. The building is successful as an element in the landscape, and we know it is functionally successful, because this year we had twice as many applicants for kayak and canoe storage. The community loves it!” —Margery D. Groten, senior project manager, Scenic Hudson

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