DocMagic, a loan document company that delivers highly sensitive information over the Internet, wanted to convey the high-tech nature of its business to clients and visitors. The architects pursued a concept of digital information zooming through cyberspace, designing corridors that use a complex binary lighting system behind translucent walls. With no visible hardware or attachments, the walls suggest the “fuzzy edge” of the virtual world. The working spaces—including meeting rooms and offices—are grounded in bright colors that contrast with the pristine light of the corridors.

Jury: “The rigorous execution achieved the effect of ‘fuzzy space,’ a subtle, experiential, and poetic reference to the digital world.”

Client: “We didn’t set out to win an award; we simply wanted the very best facility in the world from which to deliver our equally stellar service. This award is evidence that we have achieved that goal.” —Dominic Iannitti, CEO, DocMagic

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