The client of a 2,000-acre property used for agriculture, recreation, wildlife habitat, and conservation had an inspiring mission for the architects: achieve LEED standards for a rural agricultural project. Simple, regionally inspired building techniques informed the design of two new barns and the placement of a relocated grain silo. The barns, which store hay and grain and service farm equipment, use prefabricated framing elements and local materials, such as Kentucky bamboo.

Jury: “We were taken by how this typology was architecturally rendered with very modest materials that were well crafted and thoughtfully considered throughout.”

Client: “Farm buildings traditionally are prefabricated, noninsulated, and very energy wasteful. There was no sustainable standard, and that’s what we were seeking. These buildings just came through their fourth winter and they are in beautiful shape. We’ve had people coming from all over the country to see them.” —Eleanor Bingham Miller, owner, Harrods Creek Farm

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