Pettaway, once a thriving streetcar neighborhood in Little Rock, today is in decline. The design center’s plan for pocket housing—clusters of four to 16 homes around shared outdoor commons and infrastructure—promises affordable-housing options larger than single-family houses but smaller than mid-rise flats. The houses offer quality medium-density living in a walkable, transit-oriented neighborhood along with shared amenities such as community lawns, playgrounds, stormwater management infrastructure, frontages, and common building templates.

Jury: “It is thorough, achievable, and detailed, with a fresh design approach that is also supportive of the context.”

Client: “I love the pocket house concept with the shared space—the ability to live in close proximity to others and to come out on the front porch and interact. The result is a catalyst for revitalization. We’re seeing more people move into the neighborhood.” —Scott Grummer, executive director, Downtown Little Rock Community Development Corp.

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