The overarching goal for this 22-acre project on Vancouver’s waterfront was to bridge the gap between the natural ecosystem and the city’s built environment. The development manages to triple the city’s downtown convention capacity while also providing 400,000 square feet of open space, including a plaza, waterfront promenade, bike paths, and a multimodal public transportation hub. Heat pumps use the seawater’s constant temperature to provide free heating and cooling throughout the year.

Jury: “This large project impressed us on many levels, showing how a typically large, introverted program can thoughtfully reinforce and contribute to a prominent urban site.”

Client: “Since opening our doors, the Vancouver Convention Centre’s West building has proven to meet the diverse needs of event and convention organizers. Our new plaza space has also been a sought-after area for a variety of community celebrations and gatherings.” —Craig Lehto, assistant general manager, Vancouver Convention Centre

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