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Honorable Mention

Sited in the serene landscape of Minneapolis’s 141-year-old Lakewood Cemetery, the Garden Mausoleum is a thoughtful construction of traditional funerary materials including granite, marble, and bronze wrought into a contemporary form designed to provide burial space for more than 10,000 people. Public areas occupy a 5,500-square-foot volume at street level, and visitors progress down to the more private 19,000-square-foot lower level, cut into a hillside, that holds the chapel and daylit, marble-lined crypt and columbarium rooms.

“I think that the light is just so skillfully handled … the way that light would animate the space over the course of the day, so that really simple materials can be used or should be activated by the light.” —Phoebe Crisman

Project Credits Project  Lakewood Cemetery Garden Mausoleum, Minneapolis
Client  Lakewood Cemetery Association
Architect  HGA Architects and Engineers, Minneapolis—Daniel Avchen, FAIA (principal-in-charge); Joan Soranno, FAIA (design principal); Stephen Fiskum, AIA (project manager); John Cook, FAIA (project architect); Nick Potts, AIA, Michael Koch, AIA, Eric Amel, AIA, Steve Philippi, Jay Lane, Ross Altheimer, Robert Johnson Miller (project team)
StructuralEngineer  HGA—Paul Asp, Soon Sim Hakes
MechanicalEngineer  HGA—Craig Lemma
Civil Engineer  HGA—Jim Husnik
Electrical Engineer  HGA—Ben Gutierrez
Lighting Designer  HGA—Tao Ham
Interior Designer  HGA—Rich Bonnin
Graphic Design  HGA—Gretta Fry
Owner’s Representative  Nelson, Tietz & Hoye
General Contractor  M.A. Mortenson Co.
Landscape Architect  Halvorson Design Partnership—Craig Halvorson, Bryan Jereb
Master Plan  Elizabeth Vizza
Mausoleum Consultant  Carrier Mausoleums Construction
Acoustic Consultant  Kvernstoen, Rönnholm & Associates
Audiovisual Consultant  Electronic Design Co.
Reflecting Pool Consultant  Commercial Aquatic Engineering
Mosaic Tile Consultant  CSI—Tom D. Lynch
Size  24,500 gross square feet
Cost  $25.2 million (including 4-acre site)
Photographer  Paul Crosby