New York's Architectural League has announced the winners of its 28th annual Young Architects Forum. The competition is open to North American designers who have been out of school less than a decade. This year's theme was "Foresight," and entrants were asked to think about how architectural ideas can cross professional boundaries. Winners have the opportunity to present a lecture on their work and ideas, and the Architectural League hosts an exhibit of their designs, which are also published in a catalog by Princeton Architectural Press. Learn more at

Aziza Chaouni, Bureau E.A.S.T., Toronto and Los Angeles
Frida Escobedo Lopez, Mexico City
Ivan Juarez and Patricia Meneses,, Mexico City and Barcelona
Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau, Fake Industries, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Phu Hoang, Phu Hoang Office, New York City
Sung Goo Yang, Ether Ship, Boston