Courtesy New World Symphony

The Team
AV Integrator: Pro Sound & Video
AV Consultants: Acoustic Dimensions, Sonitus Consulting
Architect: Gehry Partners

When renowned architect Frank Gehry signed on to design a state-of-the-art home for the New World Symphony in Miami Beach, Fla., he couldn’t know that what would take place beyond the New World Center’s walls would be as amazing as what went on inside. The $160 million center itself is an audiovisual masterpiece, with systems designed and integrated by Spotlight Award–winner Pro Sound & Video. Practice rooms have flat-panel displays and high-speed networking that allows, for example, an instructor in New York to teach a musician in Miami. The concert hall features a video projection system that beams big, bright, synchronized images from 14 Christie Digital Systems projectors onto five sound panels above and around the stage.

But it’s the public park outside the New World Center that generated the most buzz when the venue opened last January. Dubbed the Miami Soundscape Park and designed by Florida firm Pro Sound & Video and Dutch landscape architecture firm West 8, the 2.5-acre park allows people outside the center to enjoy concerts taking place inside. In the concert hall, high-definition cameras capture video that is then switched and routed via fiber-optic cabling to four massive 35,000-lumen Christie projectors in the park. Images from the four projectors are blended together and then splashed across a 7,000-square-foot wall.

To tackle the special challenge of creating optimal acoustics outdoors, the design team installed nearly 200 self-powered speakers from Meyer Sound Laboratories on three sides of the park, including within a specially designed sculpture that resembles a ballet bar. Microphones throughout the hall pick up the sounds of the orchestra and feed them into a Meyer Constellation acoustic system so that audio engineers can fine-tune the sound that permeates the park.