John Prouty

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AV Integrator: CCS Presentation Systems

There was a time not long ago when a huge, 103-inch Panasonic plasma display was all the rage at new and remodeled casinos for its big, bright picture, which could be seen across gaming floors, bars, and other venues. At Talking Stick Resort and Casino in Scottsdale, Ariz., AV design/build firm CCS Presentation Systems installed videowalls composed of a whopping 15 displays on the large screens. At one location in the new casino, CCS planned to hang six of the 550-pound behemoths, only to determine that the physical wall they’d targeted for the screens couldn’t hold the weight. The architectural beams, however, could take the weight, so CCS crafted custom-built lifts with 1-ton motors to move the suspended displays in and out of position one panel at a time.

CCS installed more than 1,000 speakers in 38 different zones throughout the Talking Stick Resort property. But figuring out volume levels in different parts of the casino and resort was difficult. Automated level-sensing and preprogramming the audio system (a Peavey Electronics MediaMatrix-based system with Altinex audio switching) wasn’t doing the trick, as sound levels kept fluctuating dramatically throughout the day. Then CCS learned that Talking Stick kept detailed records of visitors’ traffic patterns throughout the property. Adding that information to the system allowed them to predict what the sound pressure level needs would be anywhere on the property at any time. And if a little tweaking is necessary, CCS installed several AMX touch-panel controls so that employees canfine-tune audio levels as necessary.