The DEVA portable automated engraver is a three-axis CNC machine that can be taken to a jobsite to carve complex patterns into concrete and stone floors. With architects eyeing ways to make their mark in the growing field of adaptive reuse, the jurors liked that DEVA can be used on existing surfaces. “Instead of bringing the stone to the factory or replacing it,” juror Gordon Gill said, “you just bring the factory to the site.”

Project Credits

Project DEVA Portable Automated Concrete and Stone Floor Engraver
Research and Design Stonetec, Montreal, Quebec, Canada—Iulian Morar (mechanical engineer, inventor and head designer), Viorel Morar (automation engineer, inventor and head designer)
Fabrication and Construction Stonetec; Micha Usinage Express—Marcel Samoila
Tests and Marketing Phys. Iuliana Morar; Special credit for envisioning the need of such machine for the industry to Med Boukhni, Montreal (2008)
Investment The construction of the prototype was possible due to private investment by Civil Eng. Alexandru Horatiu, from Canalex Construction Montreal and Eng. Iancu Septimiu, Toronto.