Designed for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Building Blocks is a prefabricated, modular construction system that seeks to replace the district’s fleet of deteriorating portable classroom units. But it can also be deployed across a series of similarly scaled typologies. The system—which juror Gordon Gill called “quite clever,” and juror Martina Decker noted “seemed relatively easy to use and easy to handle”—includes in-slab radiant heating and cooling, and fiberglass-laminated SIP walls with operable windows, supported by steel moment framing. The crowning glory is a fiberglass roof module that contains integrated lighting and an operable baffle that allows for daylighting and natural ventilation in the classroom.

Project Credits

Project: Building Blocks: Prefabricated Modular Construction
Client Los Angeles Unified School District—Richard Luke (facilities manager); Kevin Newman (senior design manager); Briana Garcia (facilities-development manager)
Architect Hodgetts + Fung Design & Architecture, Los Angeles—Craig Hodgetts, FAIA (creative director); Hsinming Fung, AIA (design director); Darin Vieria (senior designer); Amber Langois (project manager); Anina Bach (designer)
Structural Engineer Thornton Tomasetti—Bruce Gibbons, Chuan Do (architecture); Marine Engineer—Alex Kozloff (fiberglass)
M/E/P Engineer Capital Engineers Consultants—Roland Thomas (project manager)
Fabrication FinCo Fabrication—Steve Brown