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2013 Solar Decathlon

ARCHITECT and have teamed up to provide a compilation of all things Solar Decathlon.

A student presents her thesis project to the jury during the final weeks of the spring semester.

Cooper Union

Cooper Union boasts a strong foundation in drawing.

Harry Cobb in conversation with Sarah Whiting ON JUDGMENT

Rice School of Architecture

Dean Sarah Whiting believes students should be bred to be thinkers, not software jockeys.

Thesis Project - Enduring Ephemeral: Geopoetics of Space by Jenny Wang for the Externalities  Thesis Studio; Instructor - Kathy Velikov.

University of Michigan School of Architecture

Thesis students investigate the city of Detroit as a research laboratory.

Yale Davenport Visiting Professor Frank Gehry, Stanely Tigerman, Eeva Liisa Pelkonen and Patrick Bellew, with student

Yale University School of Architecture

A look at the end-of-year exhibition at Yale University.


2011 Education Issue

The Future Belongs to Woodbury

To understand the demographic future of the architecture profession, look no further than Woodbury University, where whites are a minority.


Studio on Steroids

The University of Oklahoma architecture school tests a plugged-in classroom prototype.


Green Cred

What benefits are students gaining from sustainable design degrees and certificates?


2010 Education Issue


Design Camp

Few high schoolers receive architecture lessons, so how can they know what studying for a B.Arch. is really like? To get an idea, they can...

Facing up to the Numbers

For too long, architecture schools shied away from teaching business basics. That’s changing—fast.


2009 Education Issue

Architecture Schools Guide 2009

A new guide to inform (and demystify) the process of choosing an architecture school.


2008 Education Issue

2007 Education Issue



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