2009 Education Issue


Architecture Schools Guide 2009

A new guide to inform (and demystify) the process of choosing an architecture school.



Model Student: Rachele Louis, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Licensure and graduate school are firmly in the sights of this final-year B.Arch. student.

Ace Professor: Anton Harfmann, University of Cincinnati

In his teaching, Harfmann shows how to combine the precision of digital technology with the messy day-to-day realities of building...


Cool Studio: Transposition/Double Skins, Georgia Institute of Technology

This graduate studio investigates the design and construction of high-performance building envelopes.

Top-Notch Program: Master of Building Science, University of Southern California

Marc Schiler, an expert in climate-responsive design, wants to carry lessons from his lab into the design studio.


Essays by Educators

steve badanes

Design/Build: Let Them Build It, They Will Come

They don't look like students of the '60s, but today's architecture students are just...

ted landsmark

The Art of Choosing: A Word of Advice, and Caution, for Architecture School Applicants

Design schools differ from one another in manifold ways, but SAT scores and acceptance...

thomas fisher

A Note on the ACSA Guide to Architecture Schools

The comprehensive guide represents all accredited architecture schools in North...


Enrichment Programs

Back to School, Sorta: Enrichment Programs for Professionals

If you want to build your knowledge and skill set without re-enrolling in college, there are evening, weekend, and short-stay programs that can help you do that.



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