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Best Practices

deborah berke

Making Progress With Diversity in Architecture

The lack of diversity in architecture isn’t a simple problem, but there are better and worse ways to approach the issue. Architect and Yale...


Spin the Web

Hinge marketing senior partner Sylvia Montgomery says that architects can build their business by online marketing.


Best Practices

A New Book by Andrew Pressman Explores Team Building in the Age of BIM

"The Art of Collaboration in Architecture" gives architects a roadmap to more effective collaboration. Hint: BIM is not the magic bullet.

Making the Case for Higher Fees

Architects have been slow to champion the return on investment that their work can bring. But even a little data can convince clients that spending more can mean saving more.

Tianjin EcoCity Ecology and Planning Museums

A new eco-city from Steven Holl Architects reclaims a slat pan and polluted tidal flats.

The Power of Focus in a Tough Market

Chasing every project may seem wise in a tight economy. But smart firms specialize. ARCHITECT asked leading practitioners and management experts to share their perspectives.


Certified Legal

Spelling out the letter of the law regarding sustainable design.


Delivering IPD

Drafting the legal framework is the first step toward integrated project delivery...


Soft Mergers

Building a strategic alliance is a way to expand without exposing your firm to...

David M. Sullivan

Death and Taxes

With taxes at the heart of some debates, here's what the election could bring.

Claire Weisz

Good Neighbor

How to help communities reach their goals—from volunteering to consulting.