Best Practices


Best Practices

  • Small firms get pigeonholed as small-scale designers. Partner up, says Joel Sanders, founder of Joel Sanders Architect, to get projects that are larger and more diverse in scope.

    Best Practices: Think Big

    Joel Sanders on how his small firm connects with larger partners for big projects.

  • A sour economy may mean ??dwindling opportunities?? for new construction, Griff Davenport, one of DLR Group??s managing principals, says, but some sectors are consistently ripe for capital-improvement work, including healthcare, higher education, and hospitality.

    Rework, Repurpose, Revitalize

    In certain sectors, says DLR Group's Griff Davenport, capital-improvement projects can offer steady work, even in a recession.

  • Before she discovered the joys and benefits of Facebook and Twitter, Clodagh admits, "I was a Luddite, stalled on the information highway."

    The Virtues of Socal Media

    New York designer Clodagh explains why her eponymous firm has ditched traditional marketing methods for Facebook and Twitter.

  • SmithGroup workplace practice leader Angie Lee says that parenthood has been one of the best ways shes learned how to deal with staff conflicts. "You love them all the same way," Lee notes, "but sometimes, you have to play referee."

    Dealing With Workplace Politics

    Egos, generational differences, career goals … there are many reasons team members might not see eye-to-eye.

  • For Peter Pennoyer, one of the most appealing things about handmade architectural illustrations is their uniqueness. We dont try to make everything homogenous, says the founder of Peter Pennoyer Architects. We encourage people to draw in different styles.

    The Value of Designing by Hand

    Even in the age of CAD, pencils, pens, and paintbrushes can be essential architectural tools.

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    When Partners Don't See Eye to Eye

    Disagreements—every partnership has them, even the best ones. So how should firm leaders prepare for, and deal with, the inevitable?

  • When it comes to internships, lawyer Michael Zetlin offers a good guideline: "When you're dealing with an intern, you should make it clear to them that you are not looking at this as an offer or opportunity for full-time employment at the end of the internship period."

    The Unpaid Staff

    Recent standards released by the U.S. Department of Labor bring some clarity to the hiring and use of interns. But it’s still a tricky issue.

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    The Career Reboot

    Starting a company is one thing. Making it successful takes the right combination of timing, industry savvy, and business connections.

  • Schemata Workshop co-principal Grace Kim

    Don't Forget: Architecture Is a Service Industry

    If you offer thoughtful service in addition to good design, not only will customers return for more, they'll be your firm's best advocates, too.

  • Visioning charrette sounds like a design-related process, but Archimania principal Todd Walker (left) emphasizes that the meeting with clients is not project-related. What is it about? Principal Barry Alan Yoakum explains: We want to get into their business. We want to get in their heads.

    Bonding With the Client, Before Starting on a Design

    Archimania likes to start new projects with a "visioning charrette." But these sessions aren't about architecture. They're about knowledge—and trust.



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