Best Practices


Best Practices

  • You're Fired!

    Letting an employee go is never easy. And architects, whose practices are particularly sensitive to changes in the economy, may do more firing than members of other professions. The process isn't just emotionally tricky—it can also have legal consequences

  • Office Space

    When negotiating a lease, try to keep your options open and your liability to a minimum.

  • Software Guru

    KPF'S James Brogan gives tips on how firms can make the transition from 2-D to 3-D design.

  • Career Day

    Do's and don'ts for new-graduates-turned-potential-employees and for the people hiring them.

  • Playing to Win

    Architect Bernard Tschumi shares his strategies for success in the world of competitions.

  • Staying In The Picture

    Architects shouldn't disappear from a project once ground has been broken, says Attorney Barry B. Lepatner.

  • Boxed Up

    Archives preserve a company's history. They also help in the here and now.

  • Active Retirement

  • Smart Money

    The authors of a new book show architects how to turn a profit.

  • Errors and Omissions



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