• Perkins+Will's Atlanta office, seen here, won a 2012 COTE Top Ten Green award from the AIA, one of many such sustainable honors that the firm has received. The firm's merger with D.C.-based Envision Design furthers their sustainable mission.

    Credit: Eduard Hueber

Perkins+Will is, itself, a leader in sustainability, and won a 2012 COTE Top Ten Green award from the AIA for its Atlanta office at 1315 Peachtree Street, where Harrison himself is based. However, he notes that as the industry looks beyond LEED—a program that he calls “a fantastic thing, but it’s not enough”—and toward sustainable goals that are “transformative, super-green, and audacious,” this merger with Envision presents an opportunity for the firm. “In order to reach some of the bolder goals for sustainability, you really need to bring together the most passionate, talented people in the industry.” Harrison says that it is all about “true innovation and creativity”:

And the way to do that is to create a think-tank organization to radically innovate. And that’s what we’re seeking to do. Our strategy is to push further and further and still keep it in the realm of mainstream commercial design, because we’re practical about this as well. We have to be able to do this, not just think about it. Ken and Diana are that way, as are we, but we think that together we can do something even more special.

Ultimately, Harrison says, “the important thing is for clients to realize that they are getting the best of the best together in one organization” when it comes to sustainable design. One of the opportunities that Envision will now have after joining Perkins+Will is access to P+W’s platform and like-minded clients around the world.  For Perkins+Will, “we’re bringing more leadership into the firm who, like Peter Busby, when he joined us in 2004, just sort of infects our organization in a positive way, bringing this passion and commitment to do extraordinary work,” Harrison says. “Continually infusing our organization with talent and passion is one of the organizational strategies we have to be one of the most vital design organizations in the world.”