Information Technology


Information Technology

  • Virtual Reality Takes Building Models to the Next Level

    With the help of mobile technology, virtual reality offers promising architectural applications, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • How Architects Can Curtail Data Centers' Hunger for Power

    Data centers are cropping up around the world in modest building shells that belie the around-the-clock activity inside. Using innovative design and planning, architects are helping abate the burgeoning building typology’s appetite for energy.

  • Gehry Technologies' GTeam Now Available for All Users

    The research and development team at Gehry Partners announced the subscription rate for its cloud-based file management and project collaboration software at an Oct. 16 press conference, Jennifer Brite reports.

  • Choosing a 3D Printer for Your Firm

    With the array of 3D printers available, and with costs ranging from $1,500 to $150,000, selecting the best model for your firm can be as time consuming as designing a building—almost.

  • AIA Releases Energy Modeling Guide for Architects

    As sustainable design becomes standard practice and energy monitoring becomes mandatory in more cities, architects will need to move the discussion beyond design to cover building performance as well. The AIA recently released a guidebook to help architects navigate through this potentially...

  • Architects’ Beloved Yellow Trace Becomes a Mobile App

    The Morpholio Project wants to reintroduce designers to the art of sketching, filtering, and forgetting with a free app that emulates the traditional drawing medium.

  • Tracking Building Performance is Easy in the Cloud

    Few designers know how well their green projects perform in the real world due to a lack of time and user-friendly resources that collect post-occupancy data. But technology has brought the often-neglected use-phase of buildings online for owners and designers alike to access and review.

  • Architects Should Prepare to Take a Leading Role in Energy Modeling

    As an integrated design process becomes the norm and energy usage moves up in the priorities of a project, design teams must begin looking at energy early on.

  • Building App-titude: Apps for Architects

    Apps can shrink desktop programs to fit and function on mobile devices, but the most sophisticated programs enable designers to work in a new paradigm of connectivity that was previously unimaginable. Four tech-saavy architects share their favorite apps for architects.

  • A Round-Up of Cloud-Based Software for Architects and Designers

    Going to the cloud is becoming more viable for practitioners as the array of modeling programs and tools expands.



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