Information Technology


Information Technology

  • Product: A La Mode FormMobi

    An app that digitizes what's left of the paper-pushing process in design and construction administration.

  • Beyond PowerPoint

    Designers explore new and old ways to make client presentations that are memorable and—better yet—successful.

  • Product: Bald Technologies PT Pen

    A stylus that allows users to make mark-ups directly on their laptop screens.

  • The Gates and Hillman Centers for Computer Science

    Pittsburgh / Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects

  • Under the Hood

    Software is crucial to design, but a program is only part of the story. Plug-ins, updates, and other customizations are key to getting work done.

  • Best-Laid Plans

    Energy modeling is for everyone and all buildings benefit.

  • A Lobbying Case Study

    Here's how the profession is navigating the crowded halls of government, in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

  • Climate Change

    Why is Autodesk getting ahead of its customers? Because it thinks it knows where they're going.

  • BIM, Re-Booted

    Building Information Modeling has to keep up if it's going to remain on top.

  • Training Day

    Three leaders in design-software training discuss architecture's changing relationship with tools.