• Alternative Eisenhower Memorial Design Revealed by Latest Graphic

    Several changes for the design of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial were on view in Kansas as part of a summit on President Eisenhower's legacy.

  • Brand Elements

    Notes on names.

  • Product: Vizerra Revizto

    A gaming company uses its expertise to convert BIM and SketchUp models into interactive 3D environments.

  • Understanding Generational Differences Can Inform Office Design

    It’s no secret that older and younger workers have different working styles. But learning the distinctive values and priorities of each generation can help designers gain insight into the best approach for commercial office projects, Brian Libby reports.

  • Batman's Latest: Death by Cliché

    In Chip Kidd’s latest graphic novel, “Batman: Death by Design,” the Caped Crusader and the Joker are joined by a cast of architectural archetypes. The result, sadly, is one big cliché.

  • Spin the Web

    Hinge marketing senior partner Sylvia Montgomery says that architects can build their business by online marketing.

  • My Generation

    Gen-Xers are stuck between two far-larger and more socially and professionally dominant groups.

  • Reverse Brain Drain

    Keeping architecture relevant is about keeping it real.

  • Morale Will Improve

    As the profession faces a coming talent shortage, can a friendlier culture help a firm's bottom line?

  • Family Sized

    Multifamily developers are targeting recession-minded renters and innovative funding sources.



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