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  • Construction Added 122,000 Jobs in 2013

    Looking over the numbers from the last job report of last year, the construction sector of the economy had wildly mixed months of job growth, the only constant in the industry being residential work.

  • Architecture and Engineering Added 38,300 Jobs in 2013

    Compared to the rest of the economy, the architectural and engineering services sector did well, adding jobs in all but one month for 2013.

  • December Marks Worst Job Growth of 2013, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports

    The American economy added only 74,000 jobs in December, and the construction industry lost a whopping 16,000 jobs.

  • ADP Reports 238,000 Jobs Added in December; 48,000 in Construction

    The ADP and Moody's Analytics job report shows that December was the strongest month in 2013 and the construction industry experienced its best month since 2006.

  • Intrinsic Values

    Archiving your work in the Digital Age.

  • A Better Value

    Two infamous Justice Department consent decrees, from 1971 and 1990, prohibit architects from setting fees. Afraid of straying into illegal territory, practitioners have largely avoided shop talk ever since. But now, a growing movement of architects is finding legal ground to reshape the...

  • The Forecast

    It's easy to forget just how devastating the Great Recession was for the profession. As the market slowly recovers, firms will adopt a host of strategies to help offset the losses they suffered during the decline.

  • New Opportunities

    Diversity in business and practice.

  • Dialogue: Adding Insult to Injury

    Bertrand Goldberg’s Prentice Memorial Hospital is being torn down, and the property’s owner, Northwestern University, is continuing its assault on architecture.

  • Architecture Billings Slow in November

    The Architecture Billings Index dipped in November, snapping a six-month streak of positive growth.n



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