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    Local Market: Louisville, Ky.

    This city isn't merely horse racing and college hoops, the University of Louisville is establishing itself as a top-notch research facility and the city benefits from this as well as its location.

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    Local Market: Riverside, Calif.

    Tough economic times have hampered growth in Riverside County, but the area has climate and nature on its side.

  • 38 Commerce - Architect: Integrated Architecture, Grand Rapids - Total Cost: $16 million - Completion: 2010

    Grand Rapids, Mich.

    This traditionally conservative community is shedding its past and moving into its future.

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    Local Market: Jackson, Miss.

    A look at local market conditions in Jackson, Miss.

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    Local Market: Boulder, Colo.

    Boulder is proud of its culture and has restrictions on building to prevent change.

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    Local Market: Trenton, N.J.

    Though industry has stalled in Trenton, its building stock is diverse.

  • W.O. Smith Music School * Architect: Bauer Askew Architecture, Nashville * Total Cost: $5.2 million * Completion: 2008

    Nashville, Tenn.

    Community spirit is helping Music City build and grow.

  • Museum of Natural Curiosity - Architect: FFKR Architects - Total Cost: $20 million - Completion: Fall 2012

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    This city benefits from its outdoor activities, climate, accessibility, and a progressive government.

  • Grange Insurance Audubon Center - Architect: Design Group, Columbus - Total Cost: $5.1 million - Completion: 2009

    Columbus, Ohio

    There's more to Discovery City than Ohio State University.

  • National Center for Aviation Training * Architect: Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey Architecture, Wichita, Kan. * Total Cost: $42 million * Completion: 2010

    Wichita, Kansas

    Known for its aircraft manufacturing, this Midwestern city has expanded while the rest of the economy has stalled.



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