Practice Management


Practice Management

  • Retro Grades

    Benchmarking laws point toward a new industry in retrofitting existing buildings for compliance.

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    Recovery Rooms

    Designers are building substance-abuse treatment facilities with an eye toward evidence-based trends and livability.

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    Somshankar Bose, AIA

    As the lines between local and gloabl practices blur, one architect reports on India's viability in the 21st century.

  • The difference between small and big in the federal market has very large consequences.

    Is Today's Big Tomorrow's Small?

    The difference between small and big in the federal market has very large consequences.

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    The New Normal, part 1

    Ownership and equity are about more than square footage in today's home. They're about design's value and process, too.

  • FXFowle office karaoke party in the firm's gallery.

    Office Space

    Communication? Space? Organization? All are crucial for a healthy office culture.

  • AIA Survey Reports Marginal Increases in Compensation

    Stagnate compensation rates among U.S. architecture firms reflect nation's slow economic recovery

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    Exhibit: 'Art in the Streets'

    Graffiti is high art at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles; through Aug. 8.

  • New Guide Advises Sustainability Commissions

    Commissioning & Green Building Solutions Inc. and the International Facility Management Association Foundation provide sustainability advice for building owners and facility managers.

  • The advice for a graduate looking for a first job is often the same for a professional looking to make a move within the field. Stella Papadopoulos, a practicing designer and assistant professor at Notre Dame, describes the strategies that work best for both.

    Best Practices: Head of the Class

    University of Notre Dame instructor Stella Papadopoulos talks about tips for entering the market.



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