Pro Bono


Pro Bono

  • Olson Kundig Architect's [Storefront] Engages Architects, Community

    Olson Kundig Architects’ pro bono storefront offers the firm a chance to experiment with everything from a mushroom farm to an exhibit on homelessness, as well as engage with the community. ARCHITECT brings you a slide show of a years' worth of experiments.

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    An Architecture of Abundance

    Without stories, memory falters.

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    A New 10% Pro Bono Model

    With an innovative hybrid business model, Erinn McGurn is ensuring that her pro bono work in Africa has lasting influence.

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    Capital Partnership

    Connecting place and practice with Janet Bloomberg, AIA, and Richard Loosle-Ortega, RA.

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    Pro Bono Publico

    David Baker of David Baker + Partners Architects discusses finding common ground.

  • Claire Weisz

    Good Neighbor

    How to help communities reach their goals—from volunteering to consulting.

  • Cameron Sinclair

    Can Architecture Save Humanity?

    How Architecture for Humanity tries to help ruined states.

  • David Rockwell

    Do Good

    David Rockwell discusses his firm's pro bono bonafides and how firms can best love their neighbors as themselves.

  • The definition of ??humanitarian design?? design is still in flux, even if its practice proliferates.

    Making the Ideal More Real

    The definition of ''humanitarian design'' is still in flux, even if its practice proliferates.

  • Portrait image of Bryan Bell, AIA, founder and executive director of Raleigh, N.C.

    Bryan Bell, AIA

    Promoting public interest architecture with a "triple bottom line."



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