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  • Cool Roofs in Perspective: Do Reflective Roofs Really Reduce Global Warming?

    1 LU AIA/HSW

    This course is registered with AIA for 1 HSW hour. “Cool” roofs have become the fastest growing single segment of the commercial roofing industry, primarily as a way to save energy and address climate change. This course will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various roof types in different climates and the potential problems that may arise when “cool” roofs are installed in the wrong location. You will discover tools to run the numbers on each specific site and building before choosing the right roof for your project. Finally, it will analyze current studies that provide a fresh perspective on “cool” roofs and help you answer the question: “Do reflective roofs really reduce global warming?" Take the course.

    April 2012
    Carlisle SynTec