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Indiana Limestone

  • Indiana Limestone: Created by Nature, Crafted by Man

    Indiana limestone quarries have been in operation since the mid 1800’s and geologists estimate that the supply of Indiana limestone is virtually unlimited. To better understand the value of the material and the ways it can best be used in projects, it is helpful to have a working knowledge of the quarry process and the physical properties of Indiana limestone. By the end of this learning unit, you will have a better understanding of how limestone gets from the quarry to the job site. You will know how to avoid mistakes on projects by understanding best practices for specification, detailing and construction. You will be able to list new usages and applications for limestone. And finally, you will be able to identify points of reference and how they can be helpful in all phases of their projects, no matter what the specified product. Take the course.

    July 2011
    Indiana Limestone