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Hanley Wood University



  • Fire House Door Operators and UL325 Compliance

    1 LU HSW

    Most users of commercial garage doors assume that because there are so many options to choose from, that it will be an easy decision to select the exact one needed. However, this assumption is far from true, due to the variation in types of commercial door openers and the tough standards they must meet. The variety of options can make the choice even more confusing, especially when looking at fire house doors. This course will take a look at the different types of operators available for fire house doors, and review the benefits of selecting the right operator for a fire house. Take the course.

    June 2013
    Doors, Codes and Standards, Safety
  • Garage Door Openers – A closer look at the basics and UL325 Standards

    1 LU HSW/AIA

    This course is registered with the AIA for 1 HSW hour and will take an in depth look at residential garage doors and their operators. We will identify the key components to a garage door, and take a closer look at how they actually work together. This course will focus on the importance of safety measures, especially in relation to UL325, and how they are applied to these door applications. Finally, this course will look at the different types of access control technologies in relation to residential garage door applications, and at the direction that these accessories are taking the use of the garage door opener. Take the course.

    May 2012
    Safety, Codes and Standards