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Sherwin Willilams

  • High Performance Coatings for Cleaner, Fresher Schools (Print Version)

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    Without question, school environments take a lot of abuse. A standard architectural coating isn’t formulated to withstand the inevitable scuffs and abrasion that occur in hallways where hundreds of kids pass through every hour five days a week. Metal lockers that get stuffed with books, bags, and sports gear require hard, durable coatings that are tough enough to resist chipping or peeling. Showers and restrooms where damp conditions are the norm need paints formulated with mildewcides to resist the formation of mildew on the surface of the paint film and help maintain a fresh environment. School kitchens and cafeterias are exposed to constant cleaning to maintain proper sanitation standards, so the coatings specified for these areas have to be tough enough to resist harsh cleaning chemicals and detergents. In short, no single coating suits every application, and just as an educational curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students, the coatings you specify must address diverse conditions to perform successfully over time. Take the course.

    June 2014
    Sherwin Willilams