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Hanley Wood University


Concrete Surfaces

  • Moisture Testing of Concrete Floor Slabs

    1 LU AIA

    Several tests are available to test the moisture content in concrete, but not all are accurate or reliable. This program will review common sources of moisture in concrete floor slabs, why it's important to test for moisture, describe test methods, and discuss why relative humidity testing is the most accurate test method. Take the course.

    December 2012
    Concrete Surfaces
    Wagner Meters
  • Concrete Basics: Curing and Sealing

    1 LU LU

    There are many factors that affect the long term durability of concrete. Some of these are: mix design, environmental conditions, structural loading and design, quality of the raw materials used in the concrete and mixing, placing and curing. This presentation will explain the basics of cement hydration, and introduce the various curing methods and floor treatments available. In addition, this presentation will help the specifying agency and/or end user identify the proper materials and products needed for the project. Take the course.

    September 2011
    Concrete Surfaces, Concrete Curing
    W.R. Meadows
  • Sustainable and Instant Cure UV Coatings for Concrete Floors

    1.0 LU HSW/SD

    In the last few years, a new surface treatment for concrete floors has been developed that is impacting selection preferences. UV-cured floor coatings provide a durable surface with an instant cure, yielding much faster return to service, while the near-zero VOC emissions and low odor make these 100% solids materials a safe and environmentally-friendly choice. Take the course.

    May 2011
    Sustainability, Concrete Surfaces