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  • Harmonizing with History: Window Solutions for Historically Sensitive Settings

    This learning unit will present common challenges that architects face for projects requiring historically accurate window design or the replacement of historic windows -- or both. Using case studies drawn from U.S. universities, K-12 schools and municipalities with issues of historic sensitivity, the course reviews a number of considerations for both matching historic styles as well as ensuring efficient, modern-day performance. Solutions to the typical window challenges are detailed through the case study projects and their technical resolution. Using real-life case studies, the course will show how to: match existing window profiles and materials; ensure energy-efficient performance; support sustainability goals or LEED certification in new buildings or in existing building upgrades in historic settings. We’ll also examine methods for reducing costs and scheduling needs Take the course.

    July 2011
    Windows, Doors, Building Envelope, Preservation
    Marvin Windows and Doors