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Aaron Betsky


Aaron Betsky's Latest Posts

  • King Tut's Reproduced Tomb and the Effects of Duplication

    Scientists are building a replica of King Tut's tomb that recreates how it appeared when it was first discovered. Is it better than the real thing?

    Restorers are building a replica of King Tut's tomb that recreates how it appeared when it was first discovered. Is it better than the real thing?

    ARCHITECT April 22, 2014

  • First Impressions from the New Whitney Museum

    And boring. Is there any hope?

    The boxy, dull, and unsophisticated exterior of the Whitney Museum of American Art, currently under construction, is unfitting of the museum's ambitions.

    ARCHITECT April 18, 2014

  • What the Detroit Art Sale Would Mean for a Bankrupt City

    Art is a crucial aspect of what makes a city grounded in a sense of past, present, and future. The collections at the Detroit Institute of Arts are needed for the city to reimagine itself.

    Investors have made billion-dollar bids for artwork at the Detroit Institute of Arts that could help pay off debts. Is the sale worth losing a valuable investment in the community?

    ARCHITECT April 14, 2014

  • The Future of 3D Printing in the Construction Industry

    The latest in 3D printing is creating entire houses.

    Houses are being 3D-printed in Amsterdam and Shanghai using different methods with different materials and timeframes. Is one technique better than the other?

    ARCHITECT April 10, 2014

  • "Rebuild by Design" Competition Envisions Redesign for Areas Affected by Sandy

    Proposals from the 10 finalist teams range from sexy to modest to radical—and everything in between.

    A majority of the finalist teams in the multi-stage design competition include Dutch designers and consultants. Could they have the answer to building resilient infrastructure around New York?

    ARCHITECT April 08, 2014

  • Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center Makes Architecture Fun with "Buildering" Exhibit

    A swing attached to a war memorial, a man kissing a pole on a train, construction workers throwing bricks at each other—this exhibit has it all.

    This exhibit is a "creative misuse" of the CAC, turning parkour into art and making good use of Zaha Hadid's design.

    ARCHITECT April 04, 2014


About the Blogger

Aaron Betsky

Aaron Betsky

Aaron Betsky is the director of the Cincinnati Art Museum and the author of more than a dozen books on art, architecture, and design. Trained at Yale as an architect, he served in 2008 as director of the 11th Venice International Architecture Biennale. Aaron worked as a designer for Frank O. Gehry & Associates and Hodgetts + Fung, taught for many years at the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and between 1995 and 2001 was curator of architecture and design at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. From 2001 to 2006 Aaron was director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam.