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Essays and Opinions


Unbuilt Washington

The Architect of the Capitol surveys the city of Washington that almost was, in an exhibit at the National Building Museum.


The Rejection

A journalist's novelistic take on ground zero doesn't add weight to the debate.



Outsider Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright at the Museum of Modern Art

MoMA’s exhibit on the high-rises and cityscapes of Frank Lloyd Wright reveals both his towering ambition and the surprising ambivalence that architects have about publicizing their private worlds.

Coda to a Career: Eisenman's City of Culture

Peter Eisenman’s City of Culture was born during Spain’s Bilbao-inspired architectural boom. But as the project now languishes, what does it say about the legacy of its eminent designer?

Woodbury's Arid Lands Institute Rethinks Water in the West with "Divining LA"

The L.A. Aqueduct ushered in the era of big water infrastructure in the West. Now Hadley and Peter Arnold at Woodbury’s Arid Lands Institute are trying to map a new course.

Auctioneer Hector Gonzalez spots bidders at the November firesale of Astrdome memorabilia.

Razing the Roof: The Uncertain Fate of the Houston Astrodome

Houston voters rejected a plan to finance the Astrodome’s redevelopment, but not before fans snapped up stadium memorabilia at a firesale. Will the so-called Eighth Wonder of the World escape demolition?

The first phase of Poundbury's construction included this village square, which is dominated by a market hall that was designed by John Simpson and that features an open undercroft and milk-bottle-shaped columns. Across the square sits The Poet Laureate, a pub.

Behind the Façade of Prince Charles's Poundbury

Critics have blasted Poundbury's aesthetics. But some forward-looking principles are driving this English town's design.

Lessons from the 2013 Solar Decathlon

The Europeans enjoyed their day in the sun at the 2013 Solar Decathlon in Irvine, Calif. But does the competition need a reboot to maintain its influence on sustainable design?


Ned Cramer's Dialogue

  • Dialogue: Science Fiction and Hard Science

    When truth is stranger than science fiction, architecture that draws from sci-fi starts to look downright normal.

  • Dialogue: Security Theater

    Edward Snowden was a toddler when Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio began to explore the inverse relationship between security and privacy. Now their work seems prescient.

  • Dialogue: Adding Insult to Injury

    Bertrand Goldberg’s Prentice Memorial Hospital is being torn down, and the property’s owner, Northwestern University, is continuing its assault on architecture.

  • Dialogue: Power, and the Politics of Poop

    The U.S. government has technology that can convert human waste into liquid fuel. So why are we still relying on petroleum imported from the Middle East?

  • Dialogue: The Silly and the Profound

    Marshall Berman recently passed away, and Joseph Rykwert has just won the RIBA Gold Medal. Which makes me wonder: What ever happened to architecture theory?