Essays and Opinions


Unbuilt Washington

The Architect of the Capitol surveys the city of Washington that almost was, in an exhibit at the National Building Museum.


The Rejection

A journalist's novelistic take on ground zero doesn't add weight to the debate.



Rediscovering Paul Scheerbart's Glass-Inspired Modernism

The turn-of-the-century visionary, with his perpetual motion machines and transportable buildings, could have been a precursor to Rem Koolhaas.

PoMo Redux: The Revival of the Portland Building

Inside the decision to save Michael Graves' Portland Building, and why there's still life in Postmodernism.

An Ode to Breuer's Brutalist Whitney as the Museum Relocates to its New Downtown Hub

Here's what will be lost when the Whitney sheds its signature building for its new crowd-pleasing, Renzo-Piano-designed home.

The Artful Façades of Pablo Bronstein

For artist Pablo Bronstein, the avant-garde has become so institutionalized that history seems radical.

Glass House Stages Fujiko Nakaya's "Veil" exhibit

Nakaya's artwork enshrouds Philip Johnson's landmark in a layer of mist, to striking effect.

The Art of the Aerie

As a spate of towers rise in New York and elsewhere, many are less than convincing in their vertical uplift. Here’s what contemporary architects have forgotten about building tall.


Ned Cramer's Dialogue