• Through the Lens of Ezra Stoller

    See Modernism as its birthed, through the camera of photographer Ezra Stoller in one of ARCHITECT's best books of 2012.

  • The Man Behind Palladio's Villas

    Guido Beltramini, director of the Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio, reveals charming details about the life and times of Andrea Palladio in his book, 'The Private Palladio.'

  • Fukushima Still Haunts Us, Captured in Photographs

    Photojournalist Kazuma Obara captures the wreckage from Fukushima, as reports are still emerging two years later about the consequences of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan.

  • Best Architecture Books of 2012

    Authors explored big-picture questions about architecture in 2012 by focusing on new perspectives, from the coloring book to the theoretical tract. Here are six books that broke new ground.

  • Book Review: Picturing Two Sides of Modern American Architecture With Ezra Stoller and Maynard Parker

    Two new monographs of the work of photographers Ezra Stoller and Maynard Parker reveal how architectural photography shaped modernism and vice versa.

  • Esto Gallery: Ezra Stoller: Photographer

    A new book on the late photographer shows the breadth of his range, from iconic images to lesser-known industrial prints.

  • In Frank Lloyd Wright's Collected Art, the Budding of Modernism

    Today we collect Frank Lloyd Wright's houses and furniture, but Wright was a collector in his own right, accumulating 32 prints by Seccessionist artists between 1909 and 1910 in Europe with his mistress Mamah Borthwick Cheney, among other artworks.

  • 'How to Architect' Book Explains the ABC's of Architecture

    If you think you want be an architect, are starting architecture school, or want to remind yourself why you got into the field in the first place, architect Doug Patt's book 'How to Architect' is a primer on what it is that architects do anyway.

  • Portable Pop-Up Architecture

    The style of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí is easily recognizable for its organic forms and whimsical references to nature. What better way to convey this exuberant architecture than with a pop-up book?

  • An Atlas for Architecture

    Map-based infographics in a new world architecture atlas from Phaidon provide a unique picture of the population, climatic, geopolitical, and architect-migration patterns that affected architecture trends over the last 20 years.



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