• 2013 Designs of the Year Nominees

    From a flower-shaped, solar-powered LED to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland, the best in design for this past year is now being honored at the Design Museum in London.

  • In Rome, 52 Daniel Libeskind Drawings On Exhibit

    Seven of Daniel Libeskind's buildings are now on display via their preliminary drawings at the Ermanno Tedeschi Galley.

  • The Skyscraper Museum Celebrates the Woolworth's 100th

    A fortune was invested in the creation of New York's Woolworth Building 100 years ago. The Skyscraper Museum looks back on the building's past with an exhibition just at a time when new fortunes are turning the top floors into luxury apartments.

  • Posthumous Exhibition on Lebbeus Woods Focuses on Architecture's Potential

    Co-curator Joseph Becker of 'Lebbeus Woods, Architect' at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art talks about putting together a show before and after the subject's death.

  • Examples of City-Saving Design in AIA Seattle Exhibition

    Examples of recession and post-recession urban interventions are on exhibition in Seattle, with the goal of inspiring Pacific Northwest designers to greater moments of tactical urbanism. Through Feb. 22.

  • Best Architecture Exhibits in 2013

    In 2013, architectural photographers past and present get their due while New York hosts its biggest Le Corbusier show ever. These exhibits and others mark the most promising shows of the coming year.

  • Architectural Photographer Captures Temporary Communities

    Based on shared pastimes or lifestyle desires, people who leave behind high-rises and houses create temporary communities for themselves in domes, RVs, tents, houseboats, and more. Architectural photographer Maxwell MacKenzie captures their alternate residences.

  • Vintage Collection of Neon Signs Unveiled at the Nevada Museum of Art

    After finding and restoring vintage neon signs for years, collector Will Durham unveils an integral part of Nevada's history for a new audience at the Nevada Art Museum. Through Feb. 10.

  • Classic Building Toys at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture

    Philadelphia gets its own exhibition on play, just in time for the holidays. 'Constructing Play' exhibits building toys, miniature buildings, and even explains the engineering of a standing building to visitors. Through Jan. 24.

  • Architecture Through A Child's Eyes

    Children have built fantasy towers and buildings for ages using variations of the block. Some grew up to be architects and builders, some didn't. Either way, a new exhibition at the Dallas Center for Architecture will spark the imagination of the builder-child in us all. Through Jan. 4.



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