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    A voter's guide to help architects understand the wide variety of approaches to a sustainable society.

  • Supermetric partners (from left to right) Olaf Kreitz, Marco Raab, and Sidney Blank designed the Stackd website with the idea that strangers would connect, then move offline for true interaction. "People sitting and talking together is still really important," Raab says. "It's experiential."

    Why shouldn't your social network include the office building you work in?

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    A young architect writes about advances in building products and materials science in a humorously informative way.

  • Citiscope co-founder and veteran writer Neal Peirce wants his latest venture, an online news service, to be defined by the quality, not the quantity, of its reportage. "We are not going to force ourselves to have a news story every day," he says.

    The founders of Citiscope, a new online publication, hope to keep tabs on complex urban issues around the globe through serious, on-the-ground journalism.

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    A Research Gold Mine for Archigram Fans

    Although Archigram is best known for whimsy, the Archigram Archival Project reveals just how serious its six members were about architecture.

  • Changes in the Profession of Architecture

    Design practice and culture are evolving, and BIM is a crucial part of changes in the profession of architecture.

  • Return on Design is the brainchild of BLT Architects director of marketing, Heidi Thiede, who wanted to move the firm into the social-networking world. I was looking for a way to increase awareness of who we are, she says, and to find out whats important to the community at large. Managing principal Michael Prifti hopes the site will expand possibilities for the profession.

    What Is the Value of Design?

    The social networking site Return on Design, created by Philadelphia-based BLT Architects, homes in on the idea of architecture as a strategic business decision.

  • "The goal was to build something that was robust, that was more than just an Excel spreadsheet, that was actually a way to communicate with the public and broaden our constituency," says Cultural Landscape Foundation president Charles Birnbaum.

    Archiving Cultural Landscapes Throughout the U.S.

    For Cultural Landscape Foundation president Charles Birnbaum, the What's Out There database his nonprofit recently launched is the realization of a career-long dream.

  • Ultimately our mission is to push architectural work out into the world says Architizers Marc Kushner right seen here with fellow cofounders Benjamin Prosky left and Matthias Hollwich. Not pictured Alex Diehl.

    Social Networking for Designers, Minus the Idle Chatter

    With its visually oriented design and robust search engine, offers the world architectural community another way to connect.

  • ??Architects want to do the right thing when it comes to using reclaimed materials,?? says PlanetReuse founder and principal Nathan Benjamin (right), ??but they don??t always have the time to do the research.?? Operations manager Tim Bensman adds, ??We provide a professional face to these materials.??

    Bridging the Gap Between Deconstruction and Design

    When it comes to using reclaimed building materials in commercial projects, PlanetReuse speaks the language of architects and contractors.